Prioritization techniques for product leaders

Source: UX Studio
  1. Identify the selection criterion. For example, expected customer value, implementation effort, and business value.
  2. Weight each of the selection criterion. For example, each criteria weight is 0.33, adding up to 1.
  3. Add the themes that you want to have compared.
  4. There are multiple ways of scoring, one way is assessing themes from 1–5 with 1 indicating a theme that does poorly and 5 indicating a theme that does well on that criterion.
  5. For each criterion, choose a baseline theme. The other themes are then compared to the reference themes and scored appropriately.
  6. For each theme, calculate its Net Score and then rank them.
Source: Intercom

Combining with MoSCoW

  • Must have — these are critical and must be included in the product.
  • Should have — these requirements are important but not crucial for the release.
  • Could have — these requirements are desirable but not necessary for the release.
  • Won’t have — these are considered to be the least-critical or even not aligned with the product strategy.
  • Are you focusing on the problem? Make sure you really understand the root cause of the problem and you communicate the problem to your team. The team should focus on the user’s need — what you’re trying to solve and why you need to solve it, not how.
  • Does it fit your/company vision?
  • Will it improve, complement or innovate on the existing workflow? The majority of your time should be invested in improving, complementing upon existing ones. Adding a whole new workflow should happen less frequently.
  • Does it grow the business? You need to be able to connect the dots between the impact this new feature will have and new potential revenue.
  • Will it generate new meaningful engagement?
  • Can we design it so that reward is greater than effort?



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