The Product Playbook Principles


Whether building products for startups or corporates, the whole team must be aligned on the product vision to help give shape and direction It’s about future aspirations and more about the “what” not the “how”. Creating a vision allows your team to take a top-down approach to your product’s development. You begin with a high-level vision statement, then translate that vision into a strategic guide. The outcomes are essentially the business objectives you want to achieve during a specific timeframe. The outcomes can also be used as your product roadmap that guides product development.


What often happens in product development is that the team outlines what they want to achieve and then go straight into implementation. The discovery phase helps you identify opportunities related to your outcomes and create validated solutions through experimentation.


Since you have done your discovery work, you now have a deeper understanding of which opportunities and solutions can better achieve your business objectives. There are many different ways to prioritise and define the scope of your solutions. One example is the user story mapping approach that creates a strong shared understanding using the user’s journey with your product. With user story mapping, you could also set up your whole product development structure, from vision to implementation.


This product playbook is still a work in progress and meant as guiding principles to help you build better products. Despite being a vertical linear tree diagram, it’s important to continuously iterate and loop through each step. I generally find it helpful also for stakeholder communication and team alignment, as to explain the necessary steps for implementation and the current status of a particular item. I hope you will find it useful and please leave feedback regarding the product playbook and how you are currently doing it.



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